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Founder/Chief Investment Officer

Manoj Ramnani is the Founder and Chief Investment Officer of 93 East Capital. He started 93 East Capital after fifteen years on the buyside at large institutions as an Economist, Macro Strategist and Portfolio Manager. Prior to his career in investment management, he spent five years as a technology consultant at Deloitte Consulting and Fort Point Partners.

Manoj served as U.S. Economist and Macro Strategist at the Chief Investment Office of J.P. Morgan Chase, where he worked for 11 years. During his tenure, Manoj was responsible for day-to-day analysis of economic data and working with Portfolio Managers on a range of asset classes including equities, rates, MBS, CDX, Munis and FX, among others. Manoj was the strategist on a tactical equity investment portfolio responsible for implementing the group’s macro views on strategies including US Housing, M&A Targets, Consumer spending and Emerging Markets. Prior to, and during the 2008 financial crisis, he was responsible for daily analysis of the housing market as the subprime crisis unraveled. He made contributions to analysis for the US Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee (TBAC) and was responsible for implementing big-data analysis in the economic forecasting process. 

Prior to starting 93 East Capital, Manoj served as strategist and portfolio manager with the investment portfolio of Japanese Insurer Sompo International where he helped manage the multi-asset class US portfolio with over $10Bn in assets. He was responsible for analysis of economic data to develop views on a full range of asset classes including rates, credit, equities, securitized products and FX, using top-down and bottom-up fundamental analysis. He also managed an internal opportunistic equity portfolio.

Manoj also worked at Hedge Fund Quadratic Capital where he developed strategies for the derivatives portfolio comprising rates, equities, commodities and currencies and contributed to developing the firm's economic forecasts for the Federal Reserve.

Manoj has completed in-depth work on inflation, housing, actions of the Federal Reserve, quantitative easing, curve inversions, BBB credit, policy issues related to GSE reform, and QE in Japan. He worked for a time in Hong Kong and Singapore, covering equities and fixed income in those markets.

Mr. Ramnani completed an MBA from the University of Michigan's business school, a graduate diploma in Finance from the Symbiosis Center for Management, India and a Bachelor of Engineering degree, with a concentration in Instrumentation Technology from Bangalore University, India.

Active in the startup ecosystem in Asia and the US, Manoj has invested in early stage companies in Space, Consumer, Fintech and Healthcare sectors.

Manoj Ramnani is a CFA® charterholder

Manoj is a practitioner of Vipassana meditation and avid skier. He resides in New York City with his wife and two daughters.

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